Telephoniya (Telephone Connection)

Since 2003 the activity of our Companyhas been aimed at providing services and working out solutions for VoIP sphere. The ElCat Company works in the sphere of transit of voice traffic, providing communication channels, virtual networks, the internet access- thus, among our partners are Internet operators, national and regional VoIP providers, corporative clients.

Among our partners we could especially mentionthe following:

Thanks to our great experience in working in this sphere and a wide range of partners, we offer services provided on transfer the standard and premium VoIP traffic for suitable prices.

We are open to cooperate with all the participants of telecommunication branch: we have flexible price and bilingual policy, high interaction speed, which makes ElCat an optimal partner for companies of various sizes.

The tariff policy of the Company foresees a flexible approach to the needs of each client and various types of subscriber’s payment. For separate groups of subscribers the Company can work out an individual tariff plan, with maximum response to the needs of the client, and we can rethink it quickly depending on the tasks of the client.

Optical fiber

This service is oriented at the communication operators and large corporative clients, who need organization of completely closed communication channel or data transfer in a specific format.

Only renting optical fiber line gives a full range in choosing a solution responding the specific tasks of your business.

The actives of our Company possess an open optical fiber network connection, built of the major territories of Bishkek.

Nowadays, the network of the Companyhas more than a thousand of communication points, including Osh city and Jalal-Abad city, the most important of which are located in the central communication areas/ points of the city.All the above mentioned allow us shorted the terms of providing optical fiber for connecting to any points within Bishkek city.

The tariff policy of the Companyforesees a flexible approach to the needs of each client(especially operators) and a various types of discounts for companies- partners. We are always ready for cooperation in the sphere of expanding our telecommunication opportunities.

Renting of digital communication channels

The ElCat Company provides its clients renting high speed channels with speed of 1-100 Mbit/c and higher. You can sign renting of communication channel contract calling at: +996/312/66 44 00

Virtual networks

In case you need to unify computer and telephone networks of your offices and branches, organize an electronic data transfer and control all the processes of your Company’s business, make use of ElCat solutions in organizing virtual channels and private networks (VPN). It will allow you to provide interaction between your branches and communication with your clients on a principally new level, radically shortening your expenditures for corporative infrastructure services.

Corporative network (VPN) of you Company will allow you:

  • provide high speed secure data exchange among the branches;
  • create inner telephone network with a united short numeration;
  • provide all the branches with a wide line access to the Internet;
  • use audio and video- conference connection.

In details