• Digital telephone connection. Direct urban/ city rooms with access to cellular, long distance and international calls at low rates.
  • Free building interoffice telephone network PBX, connect multiple phone lines to the city, with a voice mail and answering machines. Possibility to connect all branches into a single office telephone network /


Connecting to the "Local connection" is the easiest and multidisciplinary, since users can use SIP phone in the office, at home, waiting rooms, lobbies, warehouses, etc.


Phone with a simple and familiar interface for added convenience SIP- phone is equipped with several programmed keys for common functions - conference, call transfer, disconnection, call hold, mute the microphone. A dedicated phone number of series 0312976 0312986 *** and ***. Calls to Bishkek - $ 0, within the "ElCat" network - $ 0


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