Collocation (colocation) - hosted server client on the site of ElCat Company.

Benefits of server placement on the site of the ElCat Company:

  • full control on your server;
  • reliable connection to the host Company- ElCat via Ethernet;
  • backup power from a diesel generator;
  • secure facility;

All prices are excluding VAT.

Total payments
Installation and connection (single payment) $15
Rental site $20 / month
Tariff subject to traffic
Payment online-traffic $20/GB
Payment local traffic* $0,8/GB
Tariff excluding traffic
Payment online-channel 1Мbit/s $100/month
Payment local traffic* 0
Tariff excluding traffic, only in Kyrgyzstan
Payment local traffic* $80/month

*) Only Kyrgyzstan network providers that have a direct connection to the network of the ElCat Companyor local traffic exchange point.

Be sure to check out the access to the servers of the clients, which are installed on the site of the ElCat Company.

Rules for access to customer servers, which are installed on the site of the ElCat Company

1. The Client must provide an officially certified letter containing the following information in advance:

- Name of the organization;

- Number of the contract with the ElCat Company;

- List of persons having access to the  server – last name, first name, middle name/ patronymic (in full);

- Codeword required for remote technical support of the request action of the ElCat server of the client.

The letter is to be delivered to the office of the ElCat Companyor send by fax to 0312 66-38-58.

2. To be admitted to the server , the client representative specified in the list ( see point 1), it is necessary to provide identification - a passport, a driver's license or an official identification issued by the organization –the owner of the server, a photo and a stamp. Only original documents accepted.

3. Physical access to the server is available on any day from 8:00 to 20:00 by prior agreement with the Company's technical support service by phone ElCat 0312 66-44-00.

4. Removal, full or partial replacement of equipment mayonly be done via officially certified letter detailing the customer handed down and replaced equipment.

5. Request for remote operations with the server of the client is done bythe ElCat Companysupport service engineers, for example, by telephone or e-mail, you must provide the code word specified in the annex to the contract (see point 1) .

List of works that may perform on the remote client's request:

- Reboot the server;

- View and send messages that are displayed on the screen of the server;

- Easy fault diagnosis - status indicators, fan operation, there are errors on the screen;

6. Commencement and completion of work are recorded in the log - name, Company name, date, start and end time of work, the signature of the customer.

The representative of the client fills magazine independently, and the engineer of ElCat examines the data.

7. These rules come into force starting from 05.04.2008.