The procedure for connecting individuals to Home Ethernet

  1. A subscriber must clarify whether the house (apartment complex/ block of flats)is connected to the "ElKat" network by dialing tel: (312) 66 44 00 or at the House Committee (HOA);
  2. If the house (apartment complex block of flats) is connected to the "ElKat" network, the subscriber must request a connection from the operator at (312) 66 44 00 and provide link service: internet, Telephoniya, IPTV;
  3. Within 5 working days an engineer of the "ElKat"Company will leave at the specified address in the application for service connection. The contract on services is signed in the place (the client must provide a passport for including his personal data in the contract);
  4. Connection fee - free;
  5. The subscriber can choose the tariff plan, after consultation with the operator on the phone: (312) 66 44 00,or visiting the Company's website or on the spot when connecting.
  6. Payment is made in local currency at the rate of National Bank to the cashier, through banks or through payment systems in the terminals of the city.